Before opening your home for inspection, it is very important to give a little thought to security and what you want on display for others to see. As long as certain precautions are taken prior to going on the market, risk can be effectively minimised.

Small personal items that are of great value or importance should be carefully stowed away. Whilst they may enhance the appearance of your home, it is safest to secure them. Naturally, jewellery should be not left in bedside drawers or on top of furniture such as dressing tables, as this is the first place a 'would-be-thief' might look. CD's, fragrance bottles, jewellery or money boxes are items that can be easily picked up and hidden in pockets, bags or inside jackets.

Whilst our sales agent holding the inspection or open home viewing will always be vigilant, please help us by assuring your security by not making it easy for the 'less honest' amongst us.

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