Take The Stress Out Of Moving...

At Bowmans Real Estate we are always looking for ways to stand out in the crowd and with Direct Connect, we have found a way to shine.

What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is a free service that connects all your desired utilities for you and takes all the stress out of moving houses. Chasing suppliers and waiting in phone queues can make moving home both stressful and time-consuming. But that is where Direct Connect can help! Every week, Direct Connect makes moving easy for thousands of households across Australia by arranging hassle-free connections for clients electricity, gas, phone, internet, pay TV and other moving services. Direct Connect offers a FREE, no-obligation service which takes care of all your calls and arrangements, giving you back the time in your busy day. So for peace of mind, let Direct Connect take care of your next move!

The process is as easy as 1 2 3...

  1. Simply talk to your Real Estate agent today about the services such as gas, electricity, pay TV, phone and internet that you would like to get connected.
  2. Your agent will tick the boxes of the services you have requested and send off a request from their system.
  3. A Direct Connect representative will call you personally to arrange all your connections. The choice is yours! When the Direct Connect representative calls, simply tell them which companies you would like to connect with and they take things over from there. They will organise the connections for the services you have selected with the gas, electricty etc companies that you have requested.

For more information on this wonderful service, please speak to one of our friendly property managers. Alternatively, jump on to the Direct Connect website and discover for yourself what is so awesome about this wonderful service - http://www.directconnect.com.au/.

Direct Connect