As a vendor, it is entirely your decision whether or not you wish to open your home for viewings or if you just want the agent to hold private inspections whenever there is an interested party.

As an agent, we highly recommend holding open homes, especially on Saturday mornings or afternoons. Weekends, particularly Saturdays, is when the community is out and about shopping, watching or playing sport, catching up with friends for a coffee in the street and attending other social or community events. We believe this is the perfect opportunity to have your home open for viewing for half an hour to 45 minutes to allow prospective purchasers to wonder through and inspect with ease.

By allowing prospective buyers to wander through and inspect your home at their own pace with an agent nearby to answer any questions they may have, it will enable them to get the right feel for your home. Whether this be through private or open inspections, we do recommend these taking place throughout the marketing campaign of your home or property.

If you do not feel comfortable with opening your home for public inspection and you would rather private inspections only, please speak to our professional sales consultant.

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